Cubital Tunnel Brace FAQ's

      • Can I flip the brace to cushion my elbow?
        • Yes!
      • Can I wear the brace during the day?
        • Indeed you can! In fact you can flip the brace to protect the elbow during the day. Remove the rigid plastic stay to get mobility while you work which cushions the elbow from direct contact that causes pain. Can you say, "WOW"?!?
      • How much can I bend my elbow?
        • Work, Play, Sleep - As Dale Carnegie says, "It is what you think about it.” (our brace is the "it" in that quote"). If you think you need to work and play with full flexibility, but with the protection of soft cushioned foam, then remove the rigid plastic stay. Or say you need to work but don’t want to hit anything, then wear the rigid stay on the outside of the elbow. When its nighttime, you'll be able to sleep knowing the splint is helping to keep that ulnar nerve from getting entrapped. See? “It” really is "what you think about it!!!"
      • I’d like to know how rigid or supportive it is.
        • It is so rigid as a splint and so supportive as a brace, that your pain should be reduced almost instantly.
      • Do I need to mold it?
        • Heck no! It comes pre-molded and in fact is set to 120 degrees, which is recommended by orthopedic surgeons nationwide (not to mention our resident Orthotist, William W.). However, if you want a different angle, simply heat the rigid plastic stay and mold to your desired angle. It's just one of those kick-butt extra features that is in this kick-the-elbow-pain brace!
      • Does this splint really work on all size arms?
        • Yes it does! We have designed the splint to do exactly that! For extra petite arms, the straps can even be modified to fit those ultra tiny arms (simple instructions are included for this).
      • You need more sizes.
        • Bull malarky! Look, we have made this elbow brace work for everyone because too many people purchase a "size" and it doesn't fit. They have to send it back. They wait. They get the next closest size. Still not the right size. THEN they buy our brace. Take out 5 steps. Buy our brace.
      • How does this brace compare to other braces?
        • Ours is lighter, less bulky, and more comfortable. HANDS (or elbows?) DOWN!!! What are you waiting for?
      • How do you wash and dry the brace?
        • Boring, but necessary: Remove the rigid plastic stay from its pocket. Hand wash using cold water and mild detergent (do not bleach). Rinse thoroughly, removing all soap residue. Allow to air dry (do not twist or wring - do not machine dry). Reshape, dry flat. Wipe plastic stay clean with mild disenfectant. Replace plastic stay into pocket w/textured surface facing outward.
      • What is the material made of?
        • Good question!! It’s made of these proprietary components:
          • OrthoStretch® UBL on one side
          • OrthoBreath® Foam in the center
          • OrthoStretch® Ultra on the other side
      • What exactly is this elbow splint good for?
        • That's a silly question (that we made up). So for the "Doctor/Phd types", this brace immobilizes the elbow to reduce pressure on the prominence of the ulnar nerve and restricts full extension and flexion to minimize stretching of the ulnar nerve. (Sorry you asked!?)
        • Now for you non-doctor types what the hell does that mean?? It means that it reduces pain so you can sleep at night and work during the day!! Can you say YAY!?!

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