Abdominal Binder - 10 inch Stomach Wrap


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Wearing this 10 inch abdominal binder is highly recommended for swelling after abdominal surgery not only supports but compresses your stomach so that healing has a chance to occur. Polyethylene stay reinforces the latex free single panel elastic for terrific support. This stomach wrap contours well and fits both male and female patients. All binders are washable and close with our Velcro closure. Made for many purposes and conditions; however, some of the more popular include best kept secrets used by many athletes, celebrities, and models worldwide in achieving a slender, fit and hourglass figure.

  • Tightens and strengthens stomach muscles
  • Easy hook and loop closures for optimal comfort
  • Breathable elastic material for maximum comfort
  • Compression fit
  • Hide beneath clothing
Hip Measurement At Widest Point
Small 28 - 32 inches
Medium 32 - 36 inches
Large 36 - 40 inches
XLarge 40 - 44 inches
XXLarge 44 - 48 inches
XXXLarge 48 - 52 inches
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