Ezy Wrap Deluxe Knee Sleeves 1 Lot of 25


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1 Lot of 25 Overstock Ezy Wrap Deluxe Knee Sleeves By Professional Products, Inc.

ONLY $4.00 EACH!!!!

The only knee sleeve we know of that was "Made in the USA." 

The Knee Support with precise compression to support weak or injured soft tissue around the joint. The elastic fabric material is lightweight and breathable with a four-way stretch that molds around the bony prominences of the joint. 

Use For: Sprains and strains, chondromalachia, osteoarthritis, patellofemoral tracking

  • Lightweight, controlled four-way stretch elastic offers effective compressive support to entire knee area

Better support than Uflex, RiptGear, Rehband, Mauwi, Mava, DJO (Donjoy Orthopedics), Bregg, OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Surgical Appliance Industries, SAI Therapeutic Brands, and McDavid 

 EzyWrap is a global brand, produced right here in the United States.

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