New Scunci 900 Portable Steamer With Accessories Book And Bag


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  • Steamer
  • Instructional Manual
  • Extension Hose
  • Water Refill
  • Funnel
  • Bayonet Tip
  • Nylon Round Brush
  • Angled Nozzle
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Cloth Cover
  • Window Squeegee
  • Bag

Scunci 900 Portable Handheld Steamer With Accessories Book And Bag

Clean any surface, banish clothing wrinkles, remove wallpaper — and so much more — with this amazing, chemical-free household tool. Ideal for homes with small children or for those who are sensitive to chemicals, the Scunci Steamer 900 uses more than 900 watts of pressurized steam-cleaning power to rid your home of bacteria, grease, dust mites and other problems.

  • Kills bacteria, dust mites.
  • Cleans all types of surfaces.
  • Uses ordinary tap water
Unit is brand new, still in box. Accessories still in their respective boxes and sealed - never opened.  
  • "Spot Buster" attachment
  • Use to clean wheels, trim, & upholstery
  • Cleans & degreases the entire kitchen
  • Disenfects & deoderizes
  • Great for windows, mirrors, & vertical surgaces
  • Remove any wrinkles from clothing & drapes
  • Removes grime from grills & patio furniture
  • Cleans grout

Cleans & Degreases Like Nothing Else Can!

Cleans and sanitizes every room in the house. Also excellent for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV's, lawn mowers, bicycles, appliances, grills, garages, carpets, furniture, garden equipment, workshops and offices. 

Product Features
Dirt Cleaning Method: Steam
Design: Handheld/Portable
Tank Capacity: .07 gal.
Cleaning Area: 18 inches
Cord Length: 15 ft.
CAUTION: Steam may cause significant physical injuries and burns to skin. Read warning inside of book before use.
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