Pnue Air Gel Walker Boot for Ankle 1 Lot of 2


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1 Lot of 2 Medium 4051-3 Pnue Air Gel Walker Boot for Ankle

1 Lot of 2 Medium Pnue Air Gel Walker Boot for Ankle - Includes Gel bladder, air bladder.

Orthopedic walker boots are designed to be worn on the lower limb of a person afflicted with a lower leg, ankle, or foot injury, such as a fracture, soft tissue injury, or the like. The walker boot immobilizes and supports the injured lower limb during low-impact, weight-bearing activities such as walking and standing. The walker boot is often an effective substitute for a conventional plaster or fiberglass cast with numerous advantages. Among its advantages, walker boots are prefabricated yet are adaptable to different sized individual wearers or to variations in size of the same lower limb of a wearer over time as the lower limb is rehabilitated. In addition walker boots are more wear resistant, more comfortable to wear, and more easily cleaned than conventional casts and can be temporarily removed by the wearer for bathing, sleeping, range of motion exercise, or other non-weight-bearing activities.

Items are new, never worn Minor aesthetic issues including discolored binding, bag, label, etc. One walker does not have a label.

We will not break up the lot. Must purchase entire overstock orthopedic items in one purchase.

 All sales final.

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