Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer - Leg Stabilizer Brace


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To prevent flexion of the leg & to lock the leg in a full extension position.



Made with high-durable metal bars that contour to the human body, yet fit the curve of the knee so your legs don't bend but remain straight. This restricts the movement of your legs to protect, fix, and stabilize your knee.

It's suitable for knee sprain, patella dislocation, mcl and acl tears, torn meniscus, postoperative recovery and other knee and leg injuries..

Comfortably Safe

Made with comfort foam, the leg immobilizer is completely filled with sponge and does not contain latex. Made from materials that are soft and friendly to the skin, you'll actually forget you are wearing it. The patella opening is an added feature that assists with wound care. 

Easy to Adjust

The Tri-panel is easy to adjust and convenient for any size legs. The high tensile loop and lock straps are durable and are easy to adjust.

100% Refund Guarantee

If you do not like our knee and leg immobilizer, return it for a full refund. Buy with USA-Made confidence direct from us, the manufacturer.


To determine proper immobilizer length measure your leg from groin to ankle and subtract 4 inches to allow the correct fit.


  • Sprains/strains of the knee
  • Repairs of the patella tendon
  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL and other knee injuries
  • High Tibial Osteotomy (HTOs)
  • Fractures of the tibial plateau
  • Repairs (osteochondral)
  • Meniscal repairs
  • Condylar fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries of the knee.

Download the application instructions here.

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