Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Brace - Elbow Splint for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment


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Elbow Splint for Elbow Pain:

  • Minimizes stretching of the ulnar nerve.
  • Acts as an elbow immobilizer.
  • Heat formable plastic for additional contouring. 
  • Breathable and comfortable material. 
  • Universally sized - no complex sizing charts.
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  • Satisfaction guaranteed.  
  • The best Cubital Tunnel Splint on the market.
  • Exclusive brand.

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Our Cubital Tunnel Splint positions the elbow to minimize movement and reduce irritation (especially for sleeping at night). If you have a pinched nerve in your elbow, this brace is perfect for pain reduction, or even after ulnar nerve surgery. Innovative support that positions and immobilizes the elbow to reduce pain and pinky finger numbness that comes with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

10 Reasons People Bought This Brace:

1.  Immobilized their elbow to 120 degree angle
2.  Stretched 4-ways to ensure proper fit
3.  Ridged shell eliminated their elbow movement
4.  They heated the shell and molded it if they wanted to
5.  Secured it with four velcro straps - ensured no slippage
6.  Four straps allowed different arm sizes
7.  Breathable foam and fabrics
8.  Like "air conditioning" for your arm
9.  Was comfortable for them at night
10. Low profile for additional comfort

    Cubital Tunnel Splinting:

    Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes trapped or irritated as it passes through the cubital tunnel. Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second leading compression neuropathy. Our Cubital Tunnel Splint is the best brace for positioning the elbow to minimize the painful movement and maximize cubital tunnel relief. And best of all, it reduces the irritation that occurs at night.

    Customers who bought this brace resolved these issues:

    • Severe numbness and weakness in arm - Michele P.
    • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, fingers go numb while bent and using it daily. - Audra W.
    • Funny bone pain, pain with elbow pressure - Jillan M.
    • 3 months of a pain in elbow to hand that I thought was tendinitis,and acupuncture was not helping - Antoya B.
    • Ulnar nerve entrapment can't afford to be out of work for a surgery or recovery time so dr wants me to use immobilizer in the meantime - Deborah H.
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome - Angela L.
    • I have a repetitive injury from work and I am trying to find a brace that will Help and allow me to still be mobile enough to work - Emily Q.
    • Cubital tunnel syndrome. Especially need a brace at night when I’m sleeping, that’s when its worse - Ann M.


    • "Doctor instructed me specifically to get a brace that was open around the elbow and ulnar nerve. This brace is one of the few with that feature and it did the trick." - A. Caldwell
    • "Have had cubital tunnel syndrome in both arms for over a year. I was told I had tennis elbow and golfer's elbow but that was before we knew I had arthritis. Anyways, I had pain on one elbow and discomfort on the other. But once I got this brace, it really helped. Thank you!" - K. Durham
    • "I've had trouble sleeping with elbow braces since they seem to cause pain just wearing them. Those were bulky with hardware and very complicated. This one however is soft and I can adjust it easily. Sleeping is much better now." - K. Howe


    Immobilizes the elbow to reduce pressure on the prominence of the ulnar nerve. Restricts full extension and flexion to minimize stretching of the ulnar nerve. Indicated for ulnar neuropathy, ulnar nerve entrapment, ulnar nerve subluxation, cubital tunnel, elbow hyperextension, and post cubital tunnel surgery.

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